Diary Entry No. 02.03d
Married To A Bitch


I got married last week. It's pretty cool. But we're already going to marriage counciling. The problem is she's too mean and violent. And on top of that she doesn't speak very good English. Like she knows NO and STOP and I think she says KILL sometimes too. I wouldn't mind it so much if she didn't steal all my money and yell at me so much. I can't deal that well with abuse. I thought maybe if I got her a dog she'd transfer it all to him but now we're just both suffering. Same with the kid, which I adopted for the same purpose. She's just a complete and total bitch to all of us. Now we're all total assholes as a result. The dogs taken a liking to biting faces. And the boy's caught the fire bug. He'll torch anything, doesn't make a difference to him. And me, well I'm just becoming a mean individual. I'm really starting to dislike what I'm becoming. I mean, I punch every face I see now. I used to just punch the occasional face on the street, but now I find myself punching all of them. It's become a problem... What I'm really trying to say though is she's such a bitch, and that I hope she dies somehow.