Diary Entry No. 10.1c
*Red Ninja Update*


It came as a shock to all. The Red Ninja saved 73 babies from a burning barn. "Well it was the damndest thing I ever saw. That much I'll say about that." -Earl Rivers, "from the bay". A witness at the scene of the recently declared "crime scene". Police suspect foul play may have been involved. "Somebody was out to harm those poor, cute, little babies." - Depute McGee, officer at the scene. Early suspects include: Old Man Jinkin's (who's notorious for violently throwing a young child off a ferris wheel "for fun" 7 years ago at the local fair), Jimmy The Face (local crime boss; history of baby burning), and The Mayor, who has made his hatred for babies quite public through the years. Recent polls reveal 43% of citizens "Would not allow The Mayor near their child or infant," which is an all time high in this community. Even Former Mayor Wescott's numbers never risen to above 30%, even after the much publicized "baby-drop" incident on live television. When asked for comment on his rescue, The Red Ninja downplayed his heroism. "Had I not been here, surely one of the many local ninjas would have saved the day. They're really doing a great job out there." The Red Ninja then vanished into the night.