Diary Entry No. 10.2c
The Ninja Story pt. 2.


I was pretending to be dead. That's how I get out of some jams... What's been going on is this past week or so I've been dodging ninja attack. And when dodging ninja attack you gotta lay low.

...7 months ago I started stealing bread from the back of a bread truck. The guy who owned the truck wanted to kill me. So he hired a ninja assassin. He meant business. Luckily Robot Ron was friends with another ninja who just happened to be cool with the ninja that was trying to kill me. Phew. Apparently they played Battle Ship on Thursdays or something. So since the ninja is my friend now, I had him kill my enemy (the guy that owned the bread truck). That son of a bitch. If nothing else I got a bread truck out of all this. I'll sell it pretty cheap. I can't afford gas for me AND a truck. Not to mention my crack habit.