Diary Entry No. 10.3c
Wheelchair Accidents Vol. 1


I'm making a new tape. I'm hoping it will be as successful as my "Dropping Babies..." series. It's gonna be called "Wheelchair Accidents Vol. 1". It's gonna be great, Ron and I are running around town causing accidents left and right. Some of 'em really make you cringe, and say "I'm glad that's not my Grandpa". We have a good ten minutes of swimming pool accident, which Ron & I enjoy the most for some reason. I think it's probably the struggle... Right now we're trying to set up some sort of bridge "accident". It's really hard though. Not many wheelchairs cross over the bridges it seems. Which is a shame. But we're patient. It means a lot to me. Although Robot Ron's a bit too preoccupied with throwing kittens off the bridge. He hunts 'em out all day then returns to the bridge. One day a wheelchairs gonna come rollin over and he'll be nowhere in site. That kitten shit is fun, but after a while it's all the same, you know? ...Oh forget it I can't keep this shit up. No kittens were thrown of the bridges, I hope you didn't laugh at that crap. Because that's fucked up man, you got some serious fucking issues. I love kittens you fucking assholes.