Diary Entry No. 10.10c
Trip To The Funeral


Oh man, on Sunday, Robot Ron, Sea Captain Deadbeard, two of his pirate buddies, Rock Star Bruce and I all had to go to a funeral... Well none of us HAD to go really. Rock Star Bruce just insisted they'd have free drinks. The pirate pals all got wind of this and next thing you know we're all crammed in the station wagon. Robot Ron doesn't know how to handle himself at a funeral, we all learned this weekend.. He makes a playground of everywhere he goes. He kicked a bunch of people; all random, no reason given. They didn't expect to get kicked at that funeral. Nobody did. It turned out there were no free drinks. Rock Star Bruce brought his own beverage I guess, because he was trashed. The pirates were all pissed man. I overheard those two pirates saying something about walking planks.. After the funeral died down we took off and went to a diner, where we made an even bigger scene.. No we just had waffles. I don't have to dramatize everything...