Diary Entry No. 10.20c
About TV


I recently purchased a television. The last television I owned only received Russian stations, which was kinda crappy. Although I still got Telemundo for some reason. Believe it or not I actually watched that the most. But anyway, this new TV I got gets over a million TV stations. Did you know they had a million? That means one in 8 people have their own television network. The best television station is the High Speed Police Chase channel. I believe it's ch. 349821. But sometimes it switches on and off with 349827. I've only seen that happen once but, just be on the lookout for it. I think it happened on a Sunday night, if that helps. The best is when the bad guys get away. Or when the police dog bites people in the face. They have a show all about it. I think it's on at 9:00 on Monday mornings in Michigan. 8:00 Tuesday evenings everywhere else. One time I was on television. It was the time I stole the armored vehicle and tried to hop the highway divide. Those things aren't that good for jumping. Only stealing. Don't try it yourself though. The guys have guns. So if you're gonna go for it you better think it through and have a good game plan going in, like I did. Hope that helps.