Diary Entry No. 3.9c
Stealing Dogs & Making Them Fight For $$.


I now have a new source of income, which is looking more and more promising as time goes on. At the junkyard at night, I'm holding dog fights. People put big money on that kind of stuff. Right now only 6 people know about it. I'm trying to keep it secret... It's me, Robot Ron, Jimmy the Face, Billy-Bob McGee, Tyrone "Money-Bags" Jackson, and Phillip McDoogle. Once a week I put on the show, everyone picks their dogs.. You'll always see a good fight, I try and match them up real good. I'm a showman, what can I say... It's hard to find dogs though. Or a bunch of new ones every week at least. People don't want to see the same dogs. Hell, that's boring. I find the best way to get some is to go around the neighborhood and steal them while people are at work. Some people have real tough dogs around here, I'm always real happy to come across as Great Dane or a Boxer... They could be my future money winners. And that important to me. I also invented the "Poodle Brawl" which is always a big draw. Bring the kids.