Diary Entry No. 3.22c
"Don't Wanna Be A Jerry's Kid"


Rock Star Bruce got hit by a the other day. He was too busy rockin' and rollin' in the streets that he wasn't even looking where he was going, and he guitar soloed straight into a moving Buick. He was in so much pain, he was screaming "GIVE ME SOME DRUGS!!" repeatedly in typical rockstar fashion. He went to the hospital and had to stay for 2 days. He's glad he got to go though because they gave him this apron, which he says is really comfortable, and every time I go over his house he's wearing it. He says it's great because you can sleep or be active in it. Next week Bruce is scheduled to perform live on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Yeah I know, he's landing some killer gigs. He's writing a special song for it, called "Don't Wanna Be a Jerry's Kid" which he says will earn 'em a million bucks. Rumor has it he's even hiring some of them M.S. kids to dance on the stage, and spin in their wheelchairs. He's a real showman with stuff like that.