Diary Entry No. 3.26c
Title Not Given Due To Laziness On My Part


I tried out to be a talk show host for the local news channel. I figured I'd be sure to get the job, they have goons on those shows. They made me read the cue cards while I was baking a cake with Chef Mary, and I forgot about the cake because I was having trouble reading the cards. The interns down there can't hold a card right side up half the time. The other half the time they are pickin' their nose. When I was leaving and they called in the next person, a fire started in the oven. I was almost out the door by then so I just kept going and pretended not to notice. (We've all done that before, come on...) They are probably not going to call me back. They got their television politics over there and I'm gettin' the butt end of it. This is why I hate Channel 10. And everyone associated with it.