Diary Entry No. 4.1c
Suprise: Fuck You Bob G!


There was yet another party over at Bob G.'s this weekend. It was a surprise party thrown by his wife. Oh how surprised he was when he opened his eyes and saw Robot Ron jumping out of his piano. And in case you're wondering, there's no way in hell that thing still works. Rock Star Bruce "hid" upstairs, and he never even came down for most of the night. I think he was probably looting. It's what I would have been doing... Sea Captain Deadbeard came along too. But Bob threw him out when he stuck his face in the punch bowl and then started swinging his sword around at people. I think he drank like 3 bottles of rum before the party. So that's why he acts like he does... When we were leaving the party, The Captain was passed out in some hole he was digging in Bob G.'s front yard. Must have been one of those late night treasure hunts or something.