Diary Entry No. 4.5c
Robot's Elect Monkeys (For Next Space Mission).


I met this robot down at the bowling alley last night, named Xeroll 4850. He was the biggest prick I ever met. All he could seem to talk about was how great he was, and all the tasks he could perform efficiently. It's like, "Dude, get a clue." Just because people want us robots to work for them, doesn't' mean it's what we HAVE to do. But he's real set upon impressing some humans in lab coats I think. He says he's been narrowed down to the final 8 robots to be selected for the next Mars exploration. So that means if he can out perform those 7 other goodie-two shoes, he might get to be the next robot we lose to space monsters. We've already lost 4 at least... I heard the last one we sent up there was beaten and tortured. They should send monkeys instead, it's their turn again. Us robots are getting pissed off, we've had to go the last like 8 times in a row. After we lose Xeroll 4850, send live monkeys. Or if the ASPCA wont let you do it anymore, then send those Multiple Scleroses kids. Let's not be so wasteful with our good robots.