Diary Entry No. 4.26c
Robot Frank's City Of Bees.


So I got a job at the Bee Farm. Since I couldn't get stung, they gave me all the tough jobs. Like "disrupting the hive". It didn't make a difference though. I killed a whole bunch of them. I was supposed to lock up at night, but instead I stole two shelves worth of bees from that thing they keep them all in. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but then this morning I got the perfect idea. I threw them into the nursery school window. LUCKILY it was also class picture day, so everyone can relive and share the memories. If I'm not fired today, I'm going to steal all the rest of the bees and take over East Milton. I will change the name of the town to: Dastardly Robot Frank's City of Bees. Should my city be successful, I will purchase a thousand monkeys, and teach them all kung-fu. They will maintain the city in the winter, alternating with the evil bees.