Diary Entry No. 5.11c
Robot Frank's New Job: Surgeon (In Training)


I got a short lived job at the hospital... I replied to an add in the paper, and in my application I listed all the places I worked at, failing to mention for how long and why I no longer work there. So with me being a robot, and having that much job experience, they took me right in. My first job was to give this old guy a new kidney. I think I did a good job. Yeah it went pretty well... I'm not too good at tying, so I don't know if I stitched him back up right. I only know one knot (the tie your shoes one) but I'm sure it was good enough. He's probably alright. Or he's walking around hallways leaking organs. Hmm... I got fired after my next operation. I was supposed to remove a cancerous tumor from some kids chest and I took out half his heart by accident. That shit all looks the same inside you people. And you have the nerve to BLAME me. They sent me right home after that. They didn't even let me stick around for the spinal tap, which I was waiting all day for. I even brought my own screwdriver from home, because it has a nice gel grip. They did however say I'm allowed to use them as a reference in the future. So it wasn't all bad I guess.