Diary Entry No. 5.22c
Robot Frank & The Pimpin $$ Thugs


I was asked to be in a music video. Yeah, it was a rap video, by the Pimpin' $$ Thugs. I never heard of 'em, but the kids love 'em I hear. In the video I played a gangsta, avenging my dead homies. So to help me prepare for the part I got a gun and headed down to the hood. I shot at all the people I saw lurking in the shadows. Which is 95% of the people, in the hood. Then for even more practice I shot this old guy that lives down the street from me, while he was checking his mail. (This was right after I bought the gun so I was real anxious to try it out you must understand... Those bullets were burning a hole in my pocket). I jumped out of the bushes at him and said "This is for my dead homies, foo" and I shot him in the stomach. Don't feel bad though, he was so old and his entire family died in a car crash last summer (when I took out the local bridge with that explosive kit I ordered online - I told you about that right?) So it's not like anybody was sad to see him die. Well maybe his dog, but dogs have no brains. He'll get over it. He'll make lots of new friends when they put him in the pound. Well if they don't put him to sleep right away, I know they don't keep them too long anymore. But enough about that damn dog. He barked too much anyway, stupid fuck. So yeah, I'm in this rap video. Keep your eyes open for it. I'm the thuggish looking robot holding the glock. I'm the one that shoots "The Man" in the end. Peace out yo.