Diary Entry No. 7.5c
Cigs, For The Kids


Making any sort of income these days is getting harder and harder. You really have to think hard if you want to make a buck... I was flat broke for the past two weeks. I finally have a few bucks in my pocket now... I've been stealing cartons of cigarettes down at the Mobil Mart (when Max is on shift... He never pays attention to what's going on) and selling packs to the Junior High students as they get off the bus. Five dollars a piece. It's a good deal. I got the idea from Ham Hash, the old bum down the road. He said he used to make a pretty penny each and every week doing this exact same thing. Thanks, pal. I owe 'ya one. Those kids are dying for smokes. And they all have lunch money, so it works out well for everyone. If business picks up I'm gonna start doing this at more locations, and maybe make up some business cards to hand to all the kids down at the park. There's at least 8 Junior High Schools in this county, and over 10 Elementary Schools, all filled with kids who can't buy cigarettes without help from somebody like me. Somebody who cares enough to take the time out of their day to pay a little service back to the community. Most people just take take take. Not Robot Frank. I like to give.