Diary Entry No. 7.16c
Going For The Gold (In Overlooked Olympic Events)


This time around I am DETERMINED to make the Olympics. Last time I was just bullshitting you. But this time I am telling you no lie. I downloaded the ENTIRE list of Olympic events from the official Olympic website and there are at least ten events I can get in for. For example, the Two-Meter High Jump. Or the Ten-Yard Hyper-Dash. Another event I'm looking forward to trying out for is Duck Hunt. The video game. They added it this year. Not the skeet shoot though, just the duck hunt. I'm quite confident I have what it takes to win the gold. I also plan to kick a good amount of ass in the Pogo-Stick Jump-A-Thon. I'm guessing it's a last man still jumping sort of deal. How hard can it be? The event I'm MOST looking forward to though is Indoor Marco Polo. That, or the Limbo.