Robot Ron stole a baby today. He's been hiding it out in the shed all day long. I dont know what he's planning to do with it. He got it at the park. He hangs out at the park all the time. Looking for bad guys. Most of the time he's just going on the swings and monkey bars. And he likes to try to make the kids fly off the tire swing by spinning it really fast. It's his favorite when they get hurt. He made a kid fly into the jungle gym head first last week. Over 20ft. away. Today somebody left Robot Ron with their baby while they went to their car to get their cell phone or something. Robot Ron knows a good chance to steal things when he see's it, so he took off with the baby. I don't know how long he's planning to keep it. He might forget about it by tomorrow. If that happens I wont let the baby just be forgotten somewhere. I fully intend to put it into a baby basket and float it down the river. To a family that will love it forever. ..Even if it's drowned.