Bruce is my human friend. Rocking hard is his passion. He wants everyone to know that he ROCKS. He is a total bad ass!

One day he's going to be the biggest rock star in the world, he says. He's always carrying around his guitar. He's never playing it though. He doesn't want to show off I guess.

This is me and Bruce super rocking. We listen to our music as loud as possible. We don't care if you have a problem with our rocking out. That's just how we are.

Rock Star Bruce loves wearing his gold medal. Ever since he got his hands on it he's been a glory hog. He won it a few years ago. He says he got it from a guitar legend contest he entered, but I'm pretty sure he won it in a cooking contest.


Bruce spends his days sleeping and relaxing mostly. He says he cant get a job because it will inhibit his genius. So that is why he has to chill out all the time.

This is me and Bruce hanging out down in town. We were messing with some punk ass kids, local riff raff. Then we met up with the WXRZ Prize Patrol and got free cds. Fuckin' awesome.