exhibit A: "TheSecret Ninja"

This is the first picture ever taken of the mysterious "Red Ninja"

This photo was taken in May of 1994 by Bill Compton while on a hiking trip through the woods with his family. As you can see, the quality of the photo is not very clear, due to the rareness of Red Ninja sightings. "At first I thought it was a deer or a bear or something, but then when I looked closer I realized that it was a real life Ninja !"-Bill Compton


exhibit B:"Tractor"

This photo was taken just two weeks after the original Red Ninja sighting. Experts say this pic could be a fake,but are yet to disprove its authenticity.

In this picture we can see The Red Ninja driving a tractor. For what reasons, we may never know.



exhibit C: "Ninja InOur Garbage"

This photo was taken in June of 1997 by Frank Steele of New Milford, Ct. " I went outside to grab the paper and what do you know? There's a ninja fishing through my garbage! I just thank god there was nothing important in there."



exhibit D: "Ninja Jumping In the Air"

This is the first ever action photo of the mysterious Red Ninja. It is said that he was "killing badguys" when this photo was taken. It's not the most stealthy ninja ever, but since he's on attack and kill mode, I supposed it's okay. On a side note, this ninja means business and if its victim happens to be too engrossed in whatever he or she is doing (playing online bingo or eating perhaps?), then they are in trouble. Comment from the photographer: I took this picture while on vacation with my kids over the summer.He was killing bad guys at the time. My kids just love him!"

["him", being The Red Ninja. Not the bad guys. Nobody loves bad guys.]


Exhibit E: "Defending the Colonel's pride. "

This picture was taken on Mar. 16th, 1999 by aman on his way to lunch. "Normally I'm afraid to go into places to get my lunch because I'm really afraid of bad guys and crime, but on that day I felt real safe. I had no trouble eating my lunch that day, thanks to my masked buddy." *Note* Although that man referred to The Red Ninja as his buddy, he actually is not. Nobody knows The Red Ninja, therefor he is nobody's buddy. That man just wanted to feel special.

Exhibit F: "Stealth Ninja"

In this picture The Red Ninja hid himself well. He is a master of blending in with his surroundings. Spot him yet? Keep looking. *Hint* Check the blue garbage can. Ha Ha, that ninja can hide with the best of 'em!

Exhibit G: "Hitching a Ride"

In this picture The Red Ninja is on the hood of some somebody's car. "I was driving to pick up my son from ballet (because he's gay) and all of a sudden I had a ninjaon my windshield. I tired to turn on the wipers but they were no match for a ninja of that caliber."


Exhibit H: "Grocery-Getter-Ninja"

This picture was taken on August 27th, 1999 by a fat woman. She was really fat. "I was going to the A&P to buy some groceries for my fat family and running out the door comes the sneakiest ninja I've ever seen. I dropped my chocolate fudge donut that I was eating. I picked it back up and finished it though, it was still good. Real good actually."

Exhibit H-B: "Forgot some groceries?"

This picture was taken by a different fat woman."I was walking around the A&P parking lot because I thought I saw somebody drop a donut a little earlier and all of a sudden I see a ninja sneaking out of the A&P. He looked like he was in a hurry to kill some bad guys."

Exhibit I: "Out to lunch (Ninja Style)"

These pictures were captured by Wendy's employee, Tim. "I was cleaning the men's room and when I come out, there's The Red Ninja munching on some of our fine crispy chicken nuggets! He's a BBQ sauce guy I take it, he got sauce all over his bib."