If I see one more person make a Gary Coleman joke I am going to do some I MIGHT REGRET! Gary Coleman deserves none of what he is being given. He deserves to be loved. Not laughed at. Be ashamed of yourselves... I am ashamed of all of you. So what if he never knew what Willis was talking about? Leave the poor guy alone.

In case you don't already know, Gary Coleman was the child star on Diff'rent Strokes, responsible for such hit catch prases as "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Wills?!", and "WHATCHOO TALKIN BOUT WILLIS?!" (which he hears everyday of his life 10 times probably from his over abundance of unruly fans, which he sometimes has no choice but to attack.)

Ever since Gary's hay day of Hollywood success he has met bad luck and incredible misfortune. He takes cheap shots everyday from both television and magazines (And the net??). Everywhere you go somebody is making fun of poor Gary Coleman. Gary Coleman loved you and this is how you treat him. You people make me want to shoot my dog.
C'mer Willis!

Walking away the big winner of the night, this man picked up both an Emmy, and a Gary Coleman for his fine work. Congratulations.

If you would like to write Gary Coleman a formal written apology, which I stronly urge you to do, write to him at this address. Win back his trust. (If that's even possible, you monsters.)

Gary Coleman
505 S. Beverly Drive #829
Beverly Hills, CA

Gary Coleman likes toy trains. Send all trains to this address:

Trains For Gary!
505 S. Beverly Drive #829
Beverly Hills, CA

Some other things you might want to send:

-Conductor hat
-Refrigorator sized box

Michael Jackson might have sent
Gary some toy trains. I suggest
you do the same.

A prophecy of things to come...

Recently Gary Coleman auctioned off all of his personal belongings on the internet. I almost bought his ice scraper, but I didn't have the motivation to do go through with it it... I did however win an autographed Gary Coleman hat and tshirt (which I accidentally washed the autograph out of.) But I needed a shirt... It was a nice black shirt.

Now you too can help end the suffering Gary Coleman has to endure. Place this Pro-Gary Coleman banner on your site and let the world know YOU'VE HEARD ENOUGH!

Leave Gary Coleman Alone!! campaign
(be sure to link it to http://www.robot-frank.com/garycoleman.html)

With this FREE banner you can help let the world know where you stand on this most important issue. Don't let there be any doubts. You're either with Gary, or you're against him. All who oppose will perish.

Here we see Gary dreaming of a bright,
unmocked future. Someday, with your
help, the dream WILL be realized.
Someday it will be safe again to walk down the street and not have to worry about hearing another Gary Coleman joke. And when that day comes, Gary will finally be able to rest easy.

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