Hall & Oates, oh man what can't I say about Hall & Oates! Oh I tell 'ya there was no other that could rock like those two musical geniuses. Daryl Hall and John Oates (my personal favorite member of the Super Group) were BY FAR the most successful duo of the 80's, they kicked the doors in with smash hits like "Man Eater", "Out of Touch", and "Method of Modern Love" (Winner: Worst Video Ever, in the My Own Personal Opinion poll that took place a few months back.) The 80's may have been forgotten, but the legacy of Hall & Oates will be remembered for centuries. How can I begin to describe to you the greatness that is Hall & Oates? Simply put, I cannot. I can only share with you my most precious thoughts and memories of these two men who are like family to me. All you have to do is let them into your hearts.

Now don't get me wrong. Nobody could rock harder than the rock icon, Daryl Hall.. EXCEPT the more valuable member, and COOLER member, John Oates. Some say he carried Hall & Oates. I've never actually discussed this with anyone, but out of my own extensive fan knowledge, I can assess that Oates is the better of the two rock gods. Now I know there is a chance Oates didn't write any of the songs, but I still stand by him. I think he played 2nd guitar out of two guys though. But even still. He will always be my favorite. No matter what you tell me. Even if he just pretended to sing those songs, he will forever be my favorite.

I don't know what it is, but Oates just lit up the TV screen with his overwhelming coolness. The faces he would make were the coolest faces possible, I say. And when he was rockin' on his guitar it's like there was no Daryl Hall at all. "Daryl who?" is what my t-shirt read when I tried to see them live, without knowing when and where they were playing.

Here's my main man doin' his patented
Guitar-Hump that he used to break out
during the real hard part of "Man Eater".
Those boys sure knew how to entertain a
crowd. Especially Oates.

Cool Meter: 7.9 Now honestly kids, look at these two pictures? Isn't Oates just ten times cooler? Look at the mustache, that's where the truth lies. But anyway... Their songs sure had a lot of instrument sounds for just coming from 2 guitars (and 2 lovely voices.) I don't remember the last time I saw Hall & Oates on MTV. Which is real bullshit if you ask me. The kids today, they don't want to hear about shooting people in the face, and they certainly don't want to see teenage girls popping out of their shirts while they try to sing, dance, and not fall at the same time. God knows I don't... They want to see Hall & Oates. How do I know this? Because I wanted to see Hall & Oates. And I'm glad I was lucky enough to have that privilege. I feel bad for the kids. They don't know what they are missing. Cool Meter: 10.0

With dudes this cool, I can't imagine why they aren't still burning
up the charts to this day. C'mon Daryl, write Oates and the rest of us
another Man Eater!

I wrote Hall & Oates a letter, which I am posting on this website. I sent it to them last year. I've written them many letters over the years!

DEAR HALL AND OATS (sorry for the caps im just real excited to talk to you!)

I have all of your albums and your posters cover my walls. You are my inspiration to wake in the morning (and to sometimes go for a walk in the day. But not at night because I am afraid of Man Eaters, you see.) I saw you guys live 5 times and one time I even tried to get on stage (which you might remember! ;P )

Could you send me an autographed picture of you guys, maybe some drum sticks or something or family photos. Anything to make my HUGE collection (My friends call it a shrine) of you guys even MORE impressive!

Oh I almost forgot! I am working on a webpage about monster trucks, please visit it at http://www.anglefire.com/Stadium/PopUpAds/MonsterTruckGalore.ttp. Sign the guestbook!!!!! DON'T FORGET!

Thank you very much,

Your Biggest Fan

They did not reply, so I just made this up:


I have sent you some cookies which I did bake, and Oates also included some naked photos of himself. (He get's very excited over fan mail.) Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with me and the oats man though all these years, and we PROMISE you with our loving hearts that we will keep the melodies going long into the 21st Century! We have big plans for the future and I can't wait to see you fans out there showing your support! It's time for my homo-sponge-bath so I must be going, but thanks for writing!

We Love Ya!

-Hall & Oates

Now I know that wasn't very nice of me. I take it back, I was just going for a cheap laugh, which was wrong. I hope Oates can forgive me for that one...