Robot Frank's Trip to the Big City
(With Special Guest, Emotion Eric!!)

Us big time internet celebrities like to hang out all the time. Signing autographs, attending important parties, drinkin' the bubbly. You name it, we're there. This is a shot of me and Emotion Eric in the big city. Eric isn't accustomed to the big buildings, hence his fascination. That guy standing behind us that looks kinda like Scott Thompson, we don't know him. He was just standing there. I kicked his ass after this photo. For getting in our picture without permission. There's only two internet celebrities in this photo and he isn't one of them.

Here's me and Eric down in times square. He was getting on my nerves so I had to show him the threat of possible robotic combat. As you can see behind us, there's the TRL windows. We heard they were taping some special with Carson Daly.. I think it was about how to properly suck dick.

Here's me gettin' down with my bad self in times square. Somebody driving by was blasting "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and I just couldn't help myself from bustin' a move. (Who can?!) I have the cd single and I just put it on repeat for 24 hours at a time. No I'm just kidding. That's my neighbor, Bob G. He has a Baha Men t-shirt. Except it has blood stains on it now... Most of his shirts do though. That's just a part of being my neighbor.

Here's me cutting through some traffic. I was trying to see if I could get arrested for J-walking. I didn't get arrested, but I did get shot. It's to be expected in NY though. People just cant help themselves from popping caps in asses anymore.