Robot Frank's Photo Album Part Four: "Robots In Funny Situations"
Spring 2000 - Page 1 of 4

I have a lot of stupid neighbors. Like Bob G (Kenny G's Brother) I hate that mother fucker. Always whistling a gay tune and being polite to everybody. I want to kill him. So here I am taking aim at his wife with my paintball gun. I shot her in the face. I still don't think she learned her lesson though, they're still married.

Here I am taking aim at the mail man. He was probably trying to deliver me junk mail. So I shot him too. Robot Ron is watching. He wanted to use the gun real bad but I said no, go find your own weopons.

Ron found himself a saw in Bob G's toolshed, which he broke into. They keep buying new locks but we're robots. We chew threw 'em like candy. This is a shot of Ron drunk on power. The saw yields much power, this he knows.