Robot Frank's Photo Album Part Eight
Lost Photos: Recovered deep in the depths of A fine assortment of almost forgotten treasures, now to be remembered for all eternity.

This is one of the first pictures ever taken for the website. I was in an especially bad mood for that photo session I remember. I had just been attacked by a bad guy in disguise. I dumped him in the river, and kicked him in the face, respectively. And pissed on his grave.


ROCK STAR BRUCE kickin' some ass. Chillin' and Cruisin' like a rock star can. Nobody is as cool as him because he has a million dollars. And he doesn't care about you. Only your money and hot chicks.

This is an imaginary photo from Robot Ron's dreams. It never really happened. That's why it's been missing to this day. For this to have happened would prove the existance of The Red Ninja. But since it did not, we are still without solid proof. Not until he is captured.

Robot Ron enjoying a nice sip of fresh gasoline in the morning. He stole that gasoline from a boy scout I remember. The one he captured last summer. I haven't seen him around lately. I wonder what happened.