Robot Frank's Photo Album Part Nine
LIVE @ CBGB's 313 Gallery [webzine 2001]

There I am giving the guns outside the legendary CBGB's. Getting ready to take the place by storm. As you can see they keep a dumpster right outside the front, just to keep the place lookin cool. They called me in to make it even cooler. Sometimes a place will do that when they feel they need to raise the bar a little. Well on that day they raised it a lot. 2 whole notches.

There I am tellin' another one of those funny jokes. I love making the kids laugh. And I told them all if they don't laught I'd come out into the crowd and break faces and shatter dreams.

Here I am joined by my co-host for the evening, The Evil Overlord. He's an old buddy of mine. I talked him into taking the day off from murdering the innocents to join me on stage and hold my "Charts & Graphs". He said he'd be delighted. But in more evil words, of course. Probably something more along the lines of "The blood of the weak will flow through my fingers as I hold your signs of dastardly statistics". He talks like that.. I think it's pretty cool.

This is when Rock Star Bruce made an unscheduled appearance. In fact they told me to not bring him along, but he crashed the stage anyway. Drunk as a skunk. The Evil Overlord is watching in the background. I think I heard him ask for a swig, but Bruce never shares. Not the Jack. Everyone knows sharing is for pussies. We're fuckin hard man.

About a minute into his "set" he pulled another one of those Rock Star stunts and shattered his guitar, which was very well recieved. At least by The Evil Overlord, who was shouting "Kill 'em! Now kill 'em with it!". I don't know who he wanted Rock Star Bruce to kill. I'm guessing the crowd. I was kind of pissed that Bruce was wasting my stage time. This was my big moment to shine and here he is being drunk right in the middle of it. No class... No class at all.

This is outside CB's 313 Gallery where they're promoting Robot Frank to no end. A good show, now in the history books forever. The robot history book at least. If there is such a thing.. Probably not. I guess it was all a waste.